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This website is to help students and parents access my classroom materials and information. They will be able to track what is going on in my room each day with an announcement. They will follow the announcement to the required materials they need. Students will be able to access this even when they are absent or lost material. The material they will have access to is notes, and videos.


The audience for this website will mainly be my students so they always have access to our classroom content. My secondary audience is the parents so they can follow what we are doing in my class, learn the material themselves, and can see what we are doing through my twitter pictures/posts.

Needs Assessment:

I interviewed five of my students in regards to what they would want to see on the website. I surveyed a student with disabilities, student who is gifted, student whose average, below average, and a random student. All my students wanted a website that they could open and then easily click to what they needed without having to scroll much or hunt. They all wanted access to the videos or YouTube links in an organized folder or category. Most also wanted to be able to easily show their parents how to access this information on their own.

Questions asked to the students:

What would you most like to see on the website and why?

What would you not like to see on the website and why?

How would the website best be organized for you? In other words, how would you like it to be laid out for you?

What would your parents want to be able to see on this website?

Five Reference Websites

  1. This website has a good layout of how I want to embed my twitter account. It is set up simple for how I would want to display the announcement on the home page.
  2. This website I want to model on how they organize their material. I want to take my units and be able to tier the information rather than just put folders.
  3. I am reusing this website because I find it beneficial with how they have displayed their videos. They have the videos displayed but a transcript/description for each one. This would be really helpful for my students.
  4. Even though this is a blog, I really like how this guy has setup his website with the most current announcement/blog at the top.
  5. I chose this last website because of the layout of their tabs at the top. I like that there is a resources tab and contact us tab. This would make it easy for parents and students to email me but also where I can house important information they would need for each unit.


Based upon what my students wanted, I have chosen these categories and information for my webpage

Unit: This will be place holder for the rest of the information for each unit

Homework: This will be in the Unit folder separated by each unit and each section. This will be document with the notes and the practice problems.

Videos: This will be the video they watch to learn how to do the homework. This will be a YouTube linked embedded into the website.

Resources: This will be extra websites, documents, and materials they will need the whole year.

Home Page: This will be where my announcements are each day highlighting what is going on in class. This will also be where my twitter feed is embedded into the website.

Contact Me: This will be where parents can get my contact information/click on to immediately email me.

Presentation of Information/Rationale of Organization:

This website will be designed so that 6th graders can easily access information without needing assistance.


I will have a banner that has been photoshopped to represent what my classroom looks like on a day to day basis. I will also have links to YouTube videos and a picture of myself on the contact me page.

Color Scheme and Rationale:

Since we are the panthers and our colors are purple and gold. I will have the background be purple and the font be white. The hyperlinks will be yellow or gold. I feel that these colors will no contrast too much and also will be easy to tell between hyperlinks and font. The colors I plan to use are:

Outline of Website Organization

Unit 1 Integers and Patterns

1-2 Exponents

I would then do this for the rest of the unit and all my future units too. I would make sure that each video was in each section along with each homework paper and 4-2-1 sheet. So that all students and parents would have access to the papers.

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