Peters Project 4

Course 7461

Audio Page

Audio Page

I accidentally saved over my rough draft of my image project. I am going to insert my final in the rough draft.

Here are the steps I took to modifying my image:

    Here are the steps I did in creating my audio file:

  1. In the audio track, you will hear myself talking about my son watching “Curious George 3 Back to the Jungle” in my classroom. The sounds you will hear are my voice, him talking, and the movie. Joel, my son, is walking around talking about being in my classroom and having his own desk.
  2. I replayed the new audio track and felt comfortable that I had what I needed.
  3. I needed a background music so I searched “background audio music. I found a background music and downloaded the audio file of my choice.
  4. After downloading the audio file I went under file on audacity and imported the audio file. I renamed the file by clicking on the title of it to “background”
  5. Next I used the “I” selector tool to select the extra music I wouldn’t need and then clicked edit and cut.
  6. To fade the music, I clicked on effect→adjustable fade, in the menu I selected fade out and linear out under the handy presets.
  7. Last I clicked export and selected the file type to be mp3.
  8. Now that my peers have evaluated the project, I will revise what they suggested.

  9. I will start by adjusting the volume of myself.
  10. Next to the audio track is a volume bar. I played with the volume by sliding the bar left to soften or right to raise the volume.
  11. I adjusted the volume while the audio and background music were playing. I ended my audio track on 11 dB while the background music was at -8 db.
  12. Next I reloaded the background music so that I could allow the music to play before the audio and after the audio.
  13. After uploading the background music, I used the “I” selector tool to select the audio track, cut it, and move it to the 10 second mark.
  14. While I had, the audio selected I went to effects menu, chose noise reduction, and then clicked on “get noise profile” and then clicked okay. This got rid of any background noise in my audio track.
  15. I went back to the effects menu and clicked on change pitch. I changed my pitch to 79.938 percent which made my voice sound mousy and high pitch.
  16. Last I selected the first 10 seconds of the background music and went to effects menu and made it fade out to where my audio came in.
  17. Then I selected the background music 10 second mark to about 51 second mark went to the effects menu and clicked on fade in.
  18. I selected the 51 second mark to 1 minute mark of the background music, went to the effects menu and had that fade out.
  19. Finally, I took the 1 minute mark of the background music to the end of it, went to edit menu and clicked on delete. This deleted the rest of the music after 1 minute.

Here is the final audios even though they are the original ones