Peters Project 4

Course 7461

Video Page

Video Page

I accidentally saved over my rough draft of my video project. I am going to insert my final in the rough draft.

Here are the steps I took to modifying my video:

  1. Using my Gopro, I recorded three different videos highlighting each part of the problem. The first video highlighted the question or problem the students were to solve.
  2. The second video highlighted the first part of the problem the students needed to think about.
  3. The final video highlighted the second part the students needed to think about.
  4. I added the first video again at the end of me walking around the room to show more of my floor tiles.
  5. After completing my Gopro video I hooked up the Gopro to my computer and copied them to my computer.
  6. Next I needed to record my audio, so I opened up audacity and clicked record. I told the students that problem/question was how much would it cost to retile my room. Which tile was cheaper to buy, a smaller but less expensive tile or a larger and more expensive onsale tile. Last I saved my audio file to my computer.
  7. Now that I had recorded my video and audio, I needed to upload these to windows movie maker. I opened windows movie maker and clicked on the big box on the right hand side. This brought up a box for me to select a video file to upload. I clicked on the three videos from my Gopro camera and clicked open.
  8. Now that I had my video files uploaded, I then clicked on Home→ Record Narration→ Add Sound. This brought up a window for me to select my audio file from audacity.
  9. With both audio and video uploaded I began to make transitions. I first clicked on Home-->Audio Movie Themes-->Second Box from the left. Next I clicked on Animations-->Transitions→ Pixelate.
  10. Third I added in a title screen, calling it “Tile Problem.” Added a Title screen after the first video typing the information about the first tile.
  11. Added a third title screen typing the information for the second tile.
  12. Added a fourth title screen at the end putting in my credits. The credits were telling who it was by, that all videos and audio were original.
  13. Now that I had all my transitions I was ready to split my audio tracks so that it lined up with my videos. I selected the audio track and under Narration tools clicked on fade out and selected the duration to last three seconds. The next fade out occurred right after the second video.
  14. I replayed the video to make sure the transitions worked like clockwork for the transitions in the video.
  15. Now that my peers have evaluated the project, I will revise what they suggested. I opened windows movie maker again. I clicked on File-->Open→ Selected Peters_Project_3.
  16. I will start by inserting a still photo. I wanted pictures of different tiles so I went to and searched floor tiles. I found two pictures that I wanted to use and right clicked on them. I saved the images. after saving the images I clicked on Home-->Add Videos/Photos-->Then selected my photos.
  17. Next I placed the videos after the second and third title screens.
  18. Last I selected the first picture on the video-->Video Edit-->3 second duration. Next I selected the second picture-->Video Edit→ 3 second duration.
  19. Next suggestion was to not have the weird effects for the Title Screen. I clicked on Home-->Auto Movie Themes-->First box on the left.
  20. Now my video was too long so I clicked on each of the title screens and clicked on Video Edit→ Duration→ 3 seconds.
  21. Next I clicked on the last video, selected it-->Video Edit-->Split-->Selected the second half of the video-->Delete.
  22. Last thing I did was click on the credit slide-->Video Edit-->Duration-->3 seconds. I also added in credit for the pictures for